The beauty of a Japanese Zen garden lies in its apparent simplicity and in the harmonious organization of all its elements.

Zenify improves the execution of all relevant tasks within your enterprise by structuring the information and tools required to perform a task with the help of an extended Why-How-What model.
It helps you easily create the structure of an efficient and harmonious, task oriented digital workplace.

We are business managers with an IT background. 

In business we faced operational challenges such as service quality, productivity, integrating new people, turnover, implementing changes, and so on. 

One of the factors that we have identified repeatedly proved to be the very way that employees interacted with the information needed to perform their tasks. 

Because in most of the times employees could not simply find the information that they needed, they failed to meet or exceed the operating standards. 

Yet, for the processes where we applied our Why, How, and What extended model, we were able to implement changes quickly, improve compliance, lower support costs, etc. 

We developed this model into a framework that each company can easily deploy to improve their key activities. 

And we named it Zenify because of its ability to create a stress-free collaborative environment. 


for managers & process owners

Higher compliance rates.
Lower support costs


Consistent digital employee experience.
Faster and better fulfilment of the work tasks

for intranet managers

A clear development path for the digital workplace.
Simplified support for the contributors due to dedicated webparts that make information presentation a lot easier



You need to build a new intranet or to remodel an existing one?

Use Zenify to streamline the whole development process, simplify the experience of the process owners with content creation and create a consistent digital experience for the end-users

Are you the product owner of an existing intranet looking for some incremental improvements?

Use Zenify to progressively improve the way internal customers collaborate and consume internal services


Because the quality of the digital employee experience when consuming internal services deeply impacts the work quality and productivity of your digital workers




Information is scattered throughout the intranet, repositories and email


Each change is difficult to assimilate


Inconsistent digital employee experience across various tasks

Contributors & Process owners


Unclear objectives regarding what they should put on the intranet and in which form


Inconsistent results across all relevant topics

Support costs

High support costs

Intranet managers


Building or reshaping of an intranet takes forever


Objectives like "work better together" sound very nice in theory, yet in practice there is no clear method to achieve it

All the traditional approaches to intranet design are costly in terms of time and resources involved and the results are seldom very good


Consistently presents all the services provided internally to the employees


  • In order to be useful, the intranet has to help the employee to perform his tasks efficiently and effectively
  • Somebody’s task is someone else’s service
  • The key to build an efficient and effective digital workplace is to identify and present in a consistent manner all the services provided internally within the organization
  • Use a remote first approach – assume that the employee will be using the internal services on his own, so all the required information is provided

Zenify is a framework that has three pillars

Zenify provides a remote first, topic centric

Topic centric


Is centered on information silos (news, procedures, forms, staff data). The regular employee is required to seek answers searching in several places and using various channels of communication, being exposed to a volume of information higher than he can absorb.


The employee can find in a single page all the information related to his area of interest he needs. On each such a page he is exposed to announcements, changes, relevant procedures, frequently asked questions, best practices, contacts, tasks to be completed, etc.

Remote first design

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Zenify provides a clear methodology for achieving a consistent digital employee experience across all topics


Zenify provides a clear methodology for achieving a consistent digital employee experience across all topics

  1. Identify all the services provided internally
  2. Prioritize based on business impact and resource availability
  3. For each service identify all the information required
  4. Make sure that all the information is properly tagged within their respective repository
  5. Build a page that gather all the required info from within the intranet and other IT systems


Dedicated functionalities and components simplify the creation of Product, Service or Department pages. They also highlight contributors when information is missing from a topic page and has to be added  


Zenify modules

Zenify Webparts

Metadata-driven web-parts gather all the relevant information from the Intranet in a topic page

Zen Contacts

Zen How to

Zen Learn

Zen Local Navigation

Zen Procedures

Zen Why

Zen Feedback

Zen App Links

Zen Task Management


Zen Copy – a simple way to create a topic page based on an existing similar page. The copy functionality makes a copy of the selected page and dynamically changes all the metadata filters to the metadata associated with the new topic. 

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How is Zenify different from other Intranet products?

Zenify is most likely complementary to other solutions.
Its focus is on aggregating the support information for every internal service delivered within the organization, aspect that is not covered by other products.

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