Internal Corporate Communication
Mix and Match – Internal Corporate Communication and Operational Communication
Written by Cristian SALANTI

With the risk of stating the obvious, both types of communication are critically important for a company to work properly. Internal Comms teams consider they act on behalf of the Top Management team, and they must broadcast their messages. Operations people think that since they create the highest added value within the company, operational communication should play the biggest part (if not all) when it comes to internal comms budget.

Let’s think of a time when you watched a movie on TV. Your goal is entertainment, and the movie represents value to you. Yet, because the TV station also has to make a living, they have to air commercials and promote other programs, in order to make you come back to their program.

While the movie represents value added to you (it entertains you, Tom Cruise happens to be one of my favorites), these other slots are also value-added activities. You learn about new products or promotions (upgrade your tech), and you learn about airing some shows that might be of interest to you (the benefits of drinking non-alcoholic beer when driving).

I think this model that worked for decades could be applied in IC as well. You need operational resources to do your job, but also messages that make you feel you are part of a team that is going places.

Also, one more thing that’s worth remembering is the ratio between the movie and the ads.
If your IC is only about corporate communications, not so many people are going to watch your show. and Operations will find their own channels (like email).

Last Edited Date:Tue Jan 31