What is Zenify?

A Digital Employee Experience optimization framework

Zenify is based on three pillars



An intranet should help users do their tasks


Some person’s task is somebody else’s service


Zenify’s objective is to identify all the relevant services provided internally and to document them in an easy to do manner


Process owners will benefit from providing a “one-stop” shop for their services


for regular employees

The efficiency and the effectiveness of an employee when performing a task depends on how easy is for him to identify all the relevant information for that task. Then information is missing is incomplete or it is scattered around various tools and repositories, the productivity and the compliance level are low and costs are high

for editors

They need a way to collect and structure the information they provide to their internal customers. Without clear instructions, information architecture varies from section to section, making the employee experience inconsistent and leading to sub-par results 


There are basically two opposite information architecture types:


Is centered on information silos (news, procedures, forms, staff data). The regular employee is required to seek answers searching in several places and using various channels of communication, being exposed to a volume of information higher than he can absorb.


The employee can find in a single page all the information related to his area of interest he needs. On each such a page he is exposed to announcements, changes, relevant procedures, frequently asked questions, best practices, contacts, tasks to be completed, etc.

Zenify provides a remote first, topic centric information architecture 

Remote first

When you work in an office, you have a support system around you. They provide you with motivation, with guidance and support. Yet this their time costs money, and their guidance might not be up to date. 

Zenify helps a company to build a digital workspace fully supporting an employee that work in a remote scenario

Resilient Enterprise

The digital workplace will present the employee with all the information needed to perform a task. If a change is happening, the DW will reflect it and the employee will be fully able to perform his task 

Benefits of a zenified information arhitecture

  • Consistent employeee experience across all topics
  • Intranet managers and contributors have a clearer way of how to build and maintain the intranet



Traditional intranet and digital workplace design methodologies are cumbersome, resource consuming and the results are often sub-par 

Zenify focuses on identifying and documenting services provided to internal customers 

These services are already defines in the departments roles and in the people job descriptions. 

Instead of asking department managers “What would you like on your intranet section?” you should ask “What are the services you provide internally?” 


A practical, easy to follow approach to Intranet design

Clear progress monitoring

Results are bulletproof

Learn more about “How to Zenify

SharePoint Components


We have developed a set of functionalities that drastically simplify the page creation process to the maximum

Simplify the webparts so that regular contributors can easily use – You do not need advanced knowledge to bring data from any repository to your page

  •  without any knowledge of where the data is stored
  •  without complex parametrizations

Simplify the page creation process: Lack of consistency is one of the factors affecting the user experience

  •  Use of templates or similar pages
  •  Use of a wizard-like interface

Support data gathering – we enable the contributors/process owners to suppy the right information required for their service to work

  •  webparts disappear when not data exists in the repository in order to achieve a clean design
  •  webparts are prompting the contributors to fill missing data (support or feedback contacts, FAQs or learning resources)
  • webparts offer regular users the opportunity to submit possible information such as FAQs

SharePoint modules

Zenify Webparts

Metadata-driven web-parts gather all the relevant information from the Intranet in a topic page

Zen Contacts

Zen How to

Zen Learn

Zen Local Navigation

Zen Procedures

Zen Why

Zen Feedback

Zen App Links

Zen Task Management


Zen Copy – a simple way to create a topic page based on an existing similar page. The copy functionality makes a copy of the selected page and dynamically changes all the metadata filters to the metadata associated with the new topic. 

Photo by Ylanite Koppens, from Pexels