Support information
Operational vs. Support information
Written by Cristian SALANTI

Each and every year the organizations spend large amounts of money for systems such as ERP, CRM or HRIS and do considerable efforts to manage in a reasonable way information like stocks, invoices, account balances, clients’ databases and others. These are operational information and the employees act on them mechanically.

There is another type of information that helps the employee to do his activities. It motivates on key aspects of the job, informs him on changes,educates him with regards to the best ways to do his job and connects him with other employees. We call this support information.

In order to do his job efficiently and effectively an employee needs both types of information readily available when he is looking for them.

Unfortunately, the support information is neither managed, nor funded as well as it is the case of the operational information. As a result, we see business problems related to the integration of new employees when trying to propagate changes or best practices or when employees need to interact with central services.e work for customers having mature systems and yet they are facing serious change and compliance management issues.

So what is wrong? The volume of information the regular employee is facing is higher than what he can realistically manage. The Information is continuously sent to the employee over all kind of channels or stored in complex repositories. The time the employee is required to perform a certain task he needs to start searching through all these unrelated repositories for answers and this affects the quality of his work.

Can you realistically hope to reduce the amount of information needed by an employee? Not quite.

Yet, what you can do is to group, sort and present this on a way that makes it easy for the employee to work with.

So, good support information management means that an employee searches for something and all the information related to that subject is gathered from various repositories are presented to him.

Instead of looking for information, the information is brought to you selected on the specified topic.

With each implementation we receive the confirmation that the proper management of the support information and a clean digital employee experience are the key for a good employee engagement, a higher compliance and a fluid change management.

Last Edited Date:Tue Jul 14