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Digital Workplace Complexity Is Slowing Down Your Workforce

Work is becoming increasingly more complex for knowledge workers. To help employees handle these challenges, companies have been providing them with an increasing array of digital tools which further complicate the digital environment. After a while, this complexity starts to have a negative effect not only on employee productivity, but on customer interactions. How Companies …

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Can you mass produce a great intranet?

Can you help each employee do each task as well as possible? Can you even do that with less effort that a more “traditional” approach? Many thanks to Sam Marshall and Kurt Kragh Sørensen for previously sharing my article. My take on that on my latest article on CMSWire:

Using 5S Methodology to Improve Your Digital Workplace

Digital Employee Experience is a generous concept, yet maybe not so easy to implement. For people searching for some practical guidance, there is 5S, a Japanese physical workplace optimization method, that can be useful. Read more about this in my article published in Reworked